December Giveaway Results


This giveaway has ended, and the winner was Kimberly Brady Lake. However, since it’s the holidays, I’m also giving a book lamp to 10 runner-ups, to reward some of you who got a lot of entries but didn’t win.



Looking for YA Book Bloggers

I’m building up several group blogs and would love your help. The advantage of working with lots of other book reviewers is that together you can create much more content, and bring in more traffic, which is good for everybody.

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What’s next?

I’ll probably do another giveaway this month to clean out my bookshelf; it will be a mix of random YA books I collected this year. In January we’ll head back to Taiwan.

If you want to make sure you hear about the next giveaway, make sure to sign up on the list here:

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These were the prizes…

YA books free giveaway 10morebooks



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