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Dark Fantasy, Tragic Romance & Epic Adventure
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The old world is dying. Only magic can save it.

A gripping prequel to the Falling Kingdoms Series

Thousands of years before the floating kingdoms, brutal mages and magic academy, one young woman’s unique gift accidentally saved her race – while condemning the rest of the world to a watery grave.


Refreshing & intriguing

“I have not enjoyed a story this much in the last 100 or so reads. Did not see the ending coming so I hung on every word. Used talent, not trash, to tell a fantastic tale. I’m going to waiting on pins and needles for the next book to find out what happens next.”


A fantastic work of art

“A compelling tale full of raw emotions, tentative romance, beguiling mysteries, dangerous secrets and gut wrenching heartbreak… nothing short of pure genius. You have gained a fan and admirer for life. I can hardly wait for the next phase of this enchanted journey to begin.”


Best book read in a while

“I’ve been in a book rut lately, and came upon this one night hoping it would be a decent read and wow. I was enraptured from the beginning. Who doesn’t love a Prince Charming story with a bloody twist?Please publish more soon I need another one!”


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“This story is so different then any other supernatural fantasy genre I’ve read. I’m so used to reading about angels and fallen angels demons and vamps and werewolves and ghosts and spirits and such. So when I came across this book I found it so interesting. Things I never even knew or thought about before.” ★★★★★


“I began reading this to see if it was appropriate for my young teen granddaughter and her friends. Well not only is it appropriate, but I was hooked and can’t wait to read more books penned by this talented author. The characters evolved in a believable way as the fantasy of the story unfolded. ★★★★★★★★★★


“This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The main characters are relatable, likeable and complex. The action was well described – it made me feel like I was right along with them. The story flowed smoothly, keeping me interested without and no downtime. I can’t wait for the next book.” ★★★★★


“Or just one of the best paranormal authors out there? I was not sure what I was going to be reading but from page one to the end of the book was nothing short of amazing. What a great find. I cannot wait to read more from this author.” ★★★★★


“Murphy has not only an amazing way with words, but also a great attention to detail. The storyline is so descriptive it’s as though we can feel every heartbeat, every tear.” ★★★★★


“Mermaids, Maenads, The Fates, and Time Travel! Will his mind never cease to amaze us? How does he come up with these great ideas? I don’t know and I hope he never stops. This is another great and amazing book that I love. Please hurry and write more!
Highly recommend to everyone.” ★★★★★

Sneak Peek



ducked under the massive, rusted fence that separated the Scraps from the Dregs, keeping my head low, looking out towards the piles of junk that stretched in every direction. It was refuse to the sky dwellers – everything from half-empty containers of high-end cosmetics and old clothing to malfunctioned mage tech – but that didn’t mean it was worthless. Even their garbage was often finer quality than the stuff we were used to. Dig long enough and you could find something really valuable. Only problem was, the Dregs was forbidden, though that hadn’t stopped me before. There was no sound except for the wind whipping through the barren earth and the crumbling ruins of once-beautiful buildings. I clenched my jaw to keep my teeth from chattering. My threadbare jacket did nothing against the sharp, winter wind. Sterling settled beside me, and for a few seconds, we listened.

“If we die of hypothermia, I’m gonna come back as a ghost and haunt your uncle for the rest of his life,” Sterling hissed. “It’s too cold for us to be doing this crap, Wynter.”

It would be even colder in the Dregs. Darker, too. Looking up, I could see the rocky underside of the Floats above us, casting a deep, perennial shadow over their protected refuse piles. Just around the ledge I could see the bright tips of the floating city in the sky, an impenetrable fortress to those without a magical means of reaching them. While the Dregs got some shade depending on the time of day, the Dregs were always dark, and at night, the inky blackness was especially ominous.

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Sneak Peek


Iwake to a deep thrumming sound. My hand reaches for the knife under my pillow as I pull the threadbare quilt off. I step toward the door, avoiding the creakiest floorboards and taking deep breaths to calm my racing heart. There’s enough morning light filtering in through the small window to see my little brother, still asleep on his mat.

I whisper a prayer as I open the door slowly, lifting it up so its normal grating doesn’t betray me. I hear the large drone overhead again and slip outside to follow, barefoot on the cool grass. Our valley is still half-shrouded in mist. I keep to the shadows of the forest as I scan the early morning sky, trying to sniff out the smell of engine oil over the strong scent of pine and damp earth.

Just when I think I’ve lost it, the drone whizzes above me, a few feet over the tree line. I hold my breath as I watch it zoom toward our cabin. But then it wobbles and changes direction. Downward. I take a deep breath and start running. As I close in on where the drone is dropping rapidly into the forest, I slow my pace so I don’t trigger any of my own traps.

I hear the instant the battery in the drone gives out, then its rotors go silent. I wait behind a large tree until the metallic beast hits the forest floor, but peek around to see it flailing in a small clearing. Thin legs slide out of its main body and reach toward the ground. It crawls eastward like a giant black spider, trying to head back to the Kreon base.

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Very intriguing

“I rarely write reviews but decided to write one on this book because it loved it so much. I could barely put it down. The story wasn’t 100% obvious from the beginning which I loved. I can’t wait for the next book!” ★★★★★

D. S. Murphy Fangirl

The characters are enjoyable – you want to know what happens to them, you feel for them. His plots are always fresh and unique, forcing you to finish whatever parts he has made available as soon as you can, only to sit and pine for something (anything, really) written by him. Read all his novels if you can! ★★★★★


“Oh my goodness! I just ripped through this book in two hours! What a blast! This book was so scary and thrilling. If you are looking for a roller coaster of a book look no further, it’s here!!!” ★★★★★

Great story, great writing

“This book was full of so many of my cherished fantasies! The characters are complex, vulnerable, and well developed. The plot was unpredictable and the history well researched.” ★★★★★

A gorgeous, exciting read

“It is not just well written but it has magic to it; the kind that make the reader see the story in their heads play out like a movie and feel what the characters feel. This is my first book from this author and I am eagerly looking into the other books because I fell in love with the writing.” ★★★★★

This book stays with you

“I could not put this book down! It hooked me in and had me literally sitting at the edge of my seat. It is so perfect and truly just beautiful! Serious hangover once I was done and am upset that the sequel isn’t out yet. ” ★★★★★


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