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YA Book Bloggers

Hey there – are you a young adult book blogger, reviewer or booktuber?

Want an easy way to get more traffic, views and visibility?

I’m building up several group blogs and would love your help. The advantage of working with lots of other book reviewers is that together you can create much more content, and bring in more traffic, which is good for everybody.

Plus, I’ll be aggressively growing these platforms for the next several years.

All you need to do is post some content on one of my sites, the main ones being: (for general YA) (for paranormal romance – angels, vampires, aliens, etc).

You can post the same book reviews, videos or articles as you post on your own site (you’ve already done the work, now you can get it out to more people.)

Each piece of content will end with your personal bio, social media links and a link to your site. Post as much as you want, and get powerful links back to your own site

How to apply

I’m looking for people who can consistently review at least 2 books a month. If you review more books, or when you hit a certain number of reviews, I’ll add you to a featured “Star Contributor” page.

Send me a message, include a link to your main website/hub (it’s OK if this is just an Instagram or Tumblr account).

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    Why not just use Goodreads or Amazon for reviews?

    You can, and you should – but most of your comments won’t have direct links straight back to your own platform, and most readers of those reviews aren’t going to take the time to track you down… which means, all those reviews aren’t bringing you more traffic or followers. If you want to build a real business, you need to control the flow of traffic and make sure they make it to your site.

    There are lots of ways to make money as a book reviewer, but you need to build up your traffic and followers first.

    Also: I have an email list just for book bloggers, booktubers, or YA reviewers who want to turn their online platform into a real business.

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