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I like faded denim and old typewriters.

About the Author

Derek Murphy, PHD

Welcome to Urban Epics! I’m Derek Murphy. I started Urban Epics for my own writing, and have now started working with some talented new authors to get more enthralling stories out faster.

I’ve lived abroad for over two decades, in dozens of countries. After spending years as a starving artist, and being rejected twice for a Fulbright to study vampire mythology in Romania, I got a stipend to finish my MA in Harry Potter and my PhD in Paradise Lost.

Since then, I’ve used my passion for foreign culture, literature, history and mythology to create innovative fiction. I also have a deep fascination with the supernatural, stemming from a childhood sleeping disorder (sleep paralysis) which involved terrifying episodes with demons, aliens, and the Easter Bunny. 

Why Urban Epics?
I love telling stories, but as an author + cover designer + editor who is also helping other writers publish their books, I couldn’t keep up with the demand.

So recently I partnered with a small team and I’ve been working closely with a handful of talented writers to develop new story ideas.

All of our stories will aim towards the same features that readers love about my fiction: fast-paced, tightly-plotted, sweeping worlds and epic conflict… plus some heart wrenching romance, intrigue and betrayal. They’ll also (mostly) be urban and epic fantasy (hence our name).




If I had to choose one picture for Drake, it would be this one of Nate Green.

About the Author

Drake Mason

Drake Mason is my much cooler alter ego and the pen-name I use for the cowritten books we publish here at Urban Epics. He dresses well, probably moonlights as a bartender and practices black magic in secret – when he’s not betting his motorcycle in an illegal card game.

What does he actually do?
That depends on the book – but generally Drake is a story magician and creativity alchemist; he’ll help in all stages of story production, from plotting and development to editing and revision. He also (usually) makes the book covers, promo graphics, web design and launch planning, and even writes the blurbs to make sure our books hit all the keywords readers are searching for.

He’s an extra layer of quality control, and his years of marketing and publishing acumen mean the books we launch through Urban Epics will reach more readers AND actually satisfy them. But he’s more of a brand than an actual author, so we keep his name small on the covers.





More About Me

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News & Updates

Why I hate Bali

We’ve been in Bali for two months – I begged my wife to come back so I could speak at a conference even though we were here last year and she didn’t have a good time. I loved it, the first time: it’s...

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Emerald Tablet
63% Complete
46,923 of 75,000 words
Book 3 of the Scarlet Thread series - based on Egyptian mythology.

Favorite Reads

Here are some of the books I’ve read and loved recently. Click here for a full list of my favorite books.

Events & Signings

100 Free Fantasy Books

We've teamed up with a bunch of bestselling fantasy writers to organize this summer bookfest. Click here to see all the books, and download the ones you want. Make sure you also enter to win the $100 Amazon giftcard. (If you scroll down the page, you'll see a graphic...

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PennedCon St. Louis

I just got back from a weekend with my favorite writing buddies - nearly 50 young adult authors. I took lots of pictures, and even made a video of them introducing their books. The main thing I got out of it, was how much these books mean to readers; even if they're...

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Nanowrimo castle retreat

This month I'm in a 12th century Austrian fortress, working on my Nanowrimo book project with a few writing friends. Right now it's snowing outside. We have a couple goats, alpaca and rabbits in the barn, tons of space, and almost too much peace and quiet - apart from...

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Chinese New Year Magic

When I was much younger, I always thought I'd move to Japan - instead, stuck in Oregon and frustrated with living at my parents house (after spending years in Malta and Italy studying philosophy and fine art) I got a job offer to teach English in Taiwan and took it....

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Lantern Fest and Jungle Survival

We spent over two months in Chiang Mai Thailand at the end of 2018. I spent most of that time at cat cafes, eating mermaid donuts, and working on books. I edited a huge 19th century treatise on the Genius of Solitude I've been obsessed with since finishing my PhD...

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Why I hate Bali

We've been in Bali for two months - I begged my wife to come back so I could speak at a conference even though we were here last year and she didn't have a good time. I loved it, the first time: it's basically paradise. It's an exotic adventure. Bali is very spiritual...

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