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Welcome! I’m Derek Murphy – a book designer and PhD student now focused on writing young adult novels. For the past decade I’ve been helping indie authors design, publish and promote their books, but now I want to write my own.

But I’m building Urban Epics into much more than a single author platform to promote my own YA books: since I have a background in internet marketing, I want to make sure and use my platform to help indie authors, YA book bloggers, and deepen the conversation around YA literature. I also plan to do big, exciting things, like rent a castle for Nanowrimo 2016.

Of course I hope my books will be successful, but I don’t like asking for reviews or favors unless I’m giving back to the community first. To that end, I’ve also started a community of YA writers, and set up a Facebook group and a book review site for readers who love urban and dark fantasy, scifi and technothriller, postapocalyptic and dystopian fiction with teenage protagonists.

love books and writing, and I want to find new ways to astound, delight and fascinate my readers with amazing stories… but that will take work, practice and effort. Once my platform is larger, I might turn Urban Epics into a YA publishing imprint, but for now I’ll just publish my books and help others promote theirs.

Here’s a short video introduction talking about my plans for this site.


More about Derek Murphy

derek murphyI have a deep fascination with the supernatural, stemming from a childhood sleeping disorder (sleep paralysis) which involved terrifying episodes with demons, aliens, and the Easter Bunny. As a young adult I embarked on a quest for Truth that took me from Argentina, to Malta, to Taiwan in search of eye-opening revelations.

After studying philosophy, theology, fine art and foreign languages, I turned to the more nuanced sphere of English literature and literary theory, and am working on a PhD thesis about Revolution in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Why Urban Epics?

I’ve been wanting to publish fiction for over a decade, and have started writing nearly a dozen novels without so far finishing any. But now I’m committed.

Although I plan to write in several genres (scifi, technothriller, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian…) my books will have enough commonalities to satisfy a targeted readership: they will have strong protagonists involved in epic quests with earth-shattering consequences, and tiptoe on the border of conservation ethics, overpopulation, doomsday scenarios and the relationship between nature, mankind, and technology.

I’ll usually launch new books with a free giveaway, so signup to the mail list if you want them; you’ll also receive the first 5 novels (all separate series), as soon as I finish them.

My Vision

Besides writing fiction, I love to research creativity and productivity (so I can learn how to write better books, faster). I also publish non-fiction books on those topics. I keep those musings on www.creativindie.com, where I also help authors and artists building successful creative businesses through smart branding and online marketing. I also plan to buy a castle to use as a writer’s retreat.

I hope you like my writing! 

Feel free to get in touch, chat about writing, or add me on Facebook or Twitter.


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