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Free Fantasy Audiobooks (listen online for free!)

Over the past six years, I’ve written over twenty YA fantasy and science fiction novels, but was forced to focus on completing my most popular series. This means a few of my best stories haven’t gotten the love and attention they deserve. So I’ve decided to make free audiobook narrations for YouTube in the hopes that they dazzle and entertain you.

These stories involve time-travel, genetic modification (scifi), angels and mythology (fantasy), and many have a futuristic/dystopian bent. I hope you enjoy them! (If you do, please seek out the books and leave a review… the more popular they get, the sooner I’ll complete each series!


“I have not enjoyed a story this much in the last 100 or so reads. Did not see the ending coming so I hung on every word. Used talent, not trash, to tell a fantastic tale. I’m going to waiting on pins and needles for the next book to find out what happens next.” ★★★★★


“This story is so different then any other supernatural fantasy genre I’ve read. I’m so used to reading about angels and fallen angels demons and vamps and werewolves and ghosts and spirits and such. So when I came across this book I found it so interesting. Things I never even knew or thought about before.” ★★★★★


“Oh my goodness! I rarely write reviews but decided to write one on this book because it loved it so much. I just ripped through this book in two hours! What a blast! This book was so scary and thrilling. If you are looking for a roller coaster of a book look no further, it’s here!!!” ★★★★★

Free YA Fantasy Audiobooks

Orpheum is a dark academia based on the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, with realistic Eastern European culture, history and geography. It’s a bit violent, but the magical premise of musical superpowers will keep you hooked!

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AngelFall is a gritty Urban Fantasy where a secret society of angelborn monster-hunters grapple with their mission, when a dark secret about their history threatens to tear them apart.

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Free YA Science Fiction Audiobooks

Selfie is a near-future technothriller, where some teens create an app that uses nanobots to alter their DNA, and change their appearance… while also giving them superpowers that the tech industry would kill for.

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Prescient is a YA time-travel thriller, with apocalyptic stakes. It’s based on ancient Greek mythology but wrapped in a believable science fiction adventure.

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These are passion projects I wrote with devotion that haven’t become as commercially popular as my main series – while I do plan to finish them all, they currently sit with only the 1st book up on Kindle and aren’t getting nearly enough love or attention, so I’m hoping that by making them available in audiobook format (that you can listen to for free!) they can build a following or audience.

If you love these characters and stories and really need me to finish the full fantasy series like asap, PLEASE grab a copy of the Kindle version so you can leave a quick review. I’ll leave links down below. And if you like my fiction and want to grab the more popular stuff, make sure you visit my Amazon page.