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Free Fantasy Audiobooks (listen online for free!)

(coming soon!)

I’m experimenting with a new way to get my novels converted into audiobook format, which I plan to release for free on YouTube, Spotify and maybe a few other places. The voices sound amazing and I’m focused on getting the best quality audiobooks I can provide.

Although there are already some great (free) fantasy audiobooks available, in case you’re looking for something new and thrilling and haven’t read my books yet, these are passion projects I wrote with devotion that haven’t become as commercially popular as my main series – while I do plan to finish them all, they currently sit with only the 1st book up on Kindle and aren’t getting nearly enough love or attention, so I’m hoping that by making them available in audiobook format (that you can listen to for free!) they can build a following or audience.

If you love these characters and stories and really need me to finish the full fantasy series like asap, PLEASE grab a copy of the Kindle version so you can leave a quick review. I’ll leave links down below. And if you like my fiction and want to grab the more popular stuff, make sure you visit my Amazon page.