Any YA authors using Wattpad really well?

I’m putting some content on Wattpad but I’m a newbie.

I’d like to experiment with using Wattpad to find more readers: specifically to let them start reading books, and then getting them on an email list so I can let them know when I have new books available.

I understand that Wattpad readers may not be buyers but since I plan to release all my books with a free campaign, I can offer them the book for free when it’s done.

A lot of bestselling books are on Wattpad, with a 3 chapter preview: if it works for them… I was surprised to see a bunch of fantastic covers on Wattpad. I thought my covers were good but a lot of the popular stuff on Wattpad has gorgeous covers; and a great summary (something I need to work on).

Has anyone been successful at getting a lot of reads on Wattpad and turning that into success/reviews on Amazon? I’d love to hear your advice and feedback.

Also – if you’re a YA author on Wattpad, please leave your link in the comments so I can follow you and vote for your books!

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  • Reply Zara Hoffman December 7, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    I’m on Wattpad, and it’s great for garnering attention for a draft in progress, but I haven’t really seen it develop into sales for the teaser I posted of the book I’ve actually published on retailers. I decided from now on to post “unedited”/first drafts of my whole story on there to raise awareness of a book, then plan to put the buy links at the end of the story. Attention-wise, the new approach seems to be working, but I haven’t finished the draft so I can’t say if it’ll lead to sales this time either. My Wattpad page is

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