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$100 writing contest (help me pitch my novel)

In 2016 I put out some free books. They’ve done well, but now that I’m finishing up some sequels I want them to do better.

I don’t think my blurbs are strong enough and I need your help. All you have to do is comment with your rewritten blurb below. I’ll pay $100 for the best blurb to Shearwater Part One and pick ten runnerups to get a postcard.

Here’s the blurb I’m using right now:




“It’s like The Little Mermaid for adults. I couldn’t stop reading.” ★★★★★

When my parents died in an accident, they left me like a piece of furniture to a grandfather I never knew existed. In Ireland. As if moving halfway around the world wasn’t bad enough, I soon learned my mother had left behind some unresolved drama – dark secrets that were screaming to be uncovered. And then there are the things I can’t explain. Strange things keep happening around me. Happening to me. Is it because of Sebastian, the golden-haired stranger who showed up in town at the same time as I did? Or Ethan, the kid locals whisper plays with dark magic?

Maybe both. Maybe neither. But someone is definitely out to get me, and I need to figure out why, and fast… because I’m discovering powers of my own. Powers that I can’t contain. And no matter what I do or who is to blame, if I don’t discover the real reason my mother fled Ireland, more people are going to die.

And they’re going to kill us all.


Think you can do better?

Post your revised version in the comments below (make sure your name is visible so I can find you if you win).

If you need to read the book first, it’s free on Amazon.


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