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Walk on Earth a Stranger (Gold Seer Trilogy) Review

Walk on Earth a Stranger is the first book in Rae Carson’s new series, the Gold Seer Trilogy. The premise is brilliant: a historical fiction set during the Gold Rush, featuring a young adult protagonist with one extremely timely supernatural power – she can sense gold around her, like a human metal detector.

I was actually planning to go to the Yukon this summer to look for gold, so I’m already hooked into this story. Of course, such a talented gift would be valuable to a prospector… valuable enough to kill for. Walk on Earth is a clever YA novel with romantic and paranormal proclivities, but it’s Old West setting and theme is sure to be satisfying.

The open, harsh landscape and long distance roaming is common in dystopian or postapocalyptic fiction, but the same mood will be reached in uncivilized America.