Space Wars: A sci-fantasy space opera with a strong female protagonist

When I started writing fiction, I was mostly drawn to YA scifi and fantasy – particularly dystopian plots with lots of politics, magic and romance. But recently I’ve been broadening my horizons, and sketching out some stories that push genre boundaries.

I’ve already got some alien-invasion “5th-wave meets Roswell” stuff in the works (and I can’t wait for the new Roswell episodes in the works), but at a party in Oregon last year a couple of conversations led to the development of a sci-fantasy space opera epic series I’ll be calling “Space Wars.”

It’s basically Star Wars meets Guardians of the Galaxy, with off-beat humor, epic fight scenes, some steamy romance, but with a female protagonist (who’s possibly gay or bisexual, I haven’t planned it out that far yet).

It’s still very much a far-future project, but now that I’ve begun hiring a team of writers to boost my production schedule, hopefully I can have the first segment out sooner rather than later. Here’s some of the art I have or want to use for the Space Wars series. More coming soon!

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