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I built this site for my first ever fiction.

And now I’m working on my first ever novel.

I wrote half of this last winter, but then got distracted and started five other books.

But now I really want to get one book done and published, so I’ve gone back to it.

Incidentally, I started writing Shearwater because of the original cover art, which I loved (below on the left).

I loved the art, so I started writing a story about it. I researched Irish mythology and geography; I research mermaid folklore and biology; I built a centuries-old conflict between two races and made my protagonist a connection between them; I hope I added enough romantic tension, intrigue and action to keep readers interested.

When I started writing again, I found this new art (bottom right) which I like much better, so I’ve updated the cover.


I’m 50,000 words in, so about halfway done, and although it’s really challenging to get everything right, there’s already a bunch of great material and once polished, the book should be magical.

Off the cuff description, with a headache: this will be improved:

Clara’s parents die in a car accident, and she gets sent to live with a grandpa she never knew she had… in Ireland. As she struggles to get through culture shock and adjusting to a new school, she meets two interesting guys. Sebastian, a wealthy, good looking blonde with a mysterious past and hypnotic green eyes; and Ethan, a brooding, dark haired biker boy who she feels an instant connection with. But as she starts to dig into her mother’s past, she discovers secrets that tear apart her self-identity, and she’s no longer sure who she can trust. Meanwhile, somebody’s trying to kill her, and her newfound abilities are threatening to consume her. Will she be able to discover who’s after her in time to save herself and her new friends? Or will she lose control and destroy everyone she cares about?

It’s kind of like Twilight, with Mermaids.

I think it’s pretty good, but I want to hear what you think.

So when I launch it (fall, 2015) – I’ll let you know where you can download it for free, and then in exchange for honest reviews I’ll send you some mermaid swag.

Honest reviews means; if you don’t like the book at all, you’re free to say so – please be honest and authentic, you can rate me one star and explain why, with critical useful feedback, and I’ll love you for it. But no need to get nasty or mean.

Once you’ve reviewed the book you can send me your address with this form here (will add link later) and you’ll get:

This beautiful poster of the cover art.

Doesn’t matter if you’re into mermaids or just beautiful art; it’s gorgeous. Large, high quality, 8.5″ x 11″ print. FREE.

$10 value.


This cute mermaid pendant. $5 value.



Isn’t this buying reviews?!

Amazon has been deleting reviews posted by anybody with any connection at all to the author; this is mostly because readers are becoming (rightly) skeptical of bullshit, paid reviews. They would rather have only absolutely unsolicited reviews from completely unconnected reviews, with zero relationship or knowledge of the author that could result in a favorably skewed response.

But consider this: most authors have fans who love them, and each time the author puts a book out, those fans buy it and probably review it favorably, because they like the author. Authors build up social karma, which makes it easier and easier to get mostly biased, favorable reviews.

But I’m not asking for favorable, biased reviews. I’m asking for honest feedback – critical if necessary.

If my book sucks, don’t you to lie and help me sell it: I want you to post a critical comment and protect other readers from my terrible writing! And I’ll thank you for it with the poster and mermaid pendant anyway.

On the other hand, if it’s excellent, or reminds you of other books, or maybe a “good try” but “ultimately unfulfilling and sophomoric”, you can say that. You can say whatever you like.

I don’t want to pay you for a review. I just want to thank you for even taking the time to download the free book and giving it a shot. I want to show you how much I appreciate you taking a chance on a new author and my dreams of being an author.  I want to share some beautiful art with you and connect with you.

You don’t have to sign up to my list if you don’t want to, you just just send your address and I’ll mail you your stuff.

Here’s the link to the book.

Here’s the link to send your address.