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For several years I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a publishing company, for these reasons:

1. What a “publishing company” mainly does these days is formatting and design work, with possibly a little bit of marketing/author platform building. As one of the world’s best known book designers, I can do that better than most.

2. Most publishing companies do very little strategic marketing. Since I’ll already be building genre-specific marketing platforms, resources and tools for my own fiction, I could easily use those to sell other people’s books as well.

3. I’m quitting all client services, because they don’t scale, but I have some amazing tools now. I’d love to be able to help the best quality books hit the market quickly, look beautiful, and get a ton of readers and reviews. I’m particularly well placed to make that happen for YA, paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

4. I put up a site a year ago outlining how this publishing company would be structured: the main difference is that I would email you a “yay or nay” response within 48 hours, and publish within one month (depending on editing).

However, I would only take on projects that I felt had enough commercial appeal to earn more than what I’d charge for all the publishing services involved (about $5000). I’d consider anything, but only take on projects that had the greatest earning potential.

You can check out for more info: though I won’t start it up soon, I may be ready to run with it in 2016.

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