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Preorders for Postcards!

After months and months of hard work, I’m finally putting out some new fiction.

If you’ve read and liked my books, I hope you’re excited.

As promised, if you’re on my email list there will be opportunities to get upcoming books for free. But if you want to support me by preordering the books I just put up on Amazon, I’ll thank you by sending you a postcard of the cover art, which I hope you’ll agree is fabulous. (At the bottom of this page is a form to send me your address after you’ve preordered a book).

Shearwater FULL

I’ve decided to leave Shearwater Part One with the original cover, but publish the full book with a new cover. I’m not publishing part two independently, because in this case you really need to the whole book. It’s one, big, epic story and the book should be about 500 pages. I put it up on preorder for 99cents, but I’ll change it to 2.99 in a few days.

Click here to preorder


The Scarlet Thread

I adore this new cover for The Scarlet Thread – part one previously ended on a major cliffhanger, I’m adding 3 new chapters to his book and calling it “Book One”. It ends in a good place, and I know exactly where the story is headed in “Book Two” – The Golden Shears.

However, the three new chapters aren’t in this version yet!

I’m going to email them to you once they’re edited in a few weeks. I’ll probably also add them into the beginning of the next book, just so they don’t get missed.

I know most of you already got Scarlet Thread earlier, so you may not be able to buy / download it again to get the postcard. But if you haven’t reviewed it yet, you can post a review and I’ll send a postcard to thank you.

Click here to order / review


The Golden Shears

I can’t believe I have a series! Even though I haven’t written this book yet, I have it all mapped out, and I’ve given myself enough time to get it done this winter. If you loved Scarlet Thread and you can’t wait to read more, you can preorder now so you don’t forget. (This is the second book, there will be three in all).

Click here to preorder


How to get the postcards

I’ve tried mailing out cooler swag, like mermaid pendants and things, but since we travel nearly full time a lot of the packages I’ve sent got lost in the mail. So I’m going to start using an online postcard-sending service.

If you order/preorder any of these three books, just fill out the form below with the order number. Right after you checkout there should be a button to see the details of the transaction and there should be an order number at the top. Make sure to mention which book you ordered too, so I send the right postcard.

Or, if you reviewed Scarlet Thread (or even Shearwater part one), send a link to your review in the form. You can order all three if you want to get all the postcards!

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    PS) This is a test, but I think it’ll work, so I’ll be doing more things with cover art and postcards in the future. Again, please know you don’t have to buy these, they will be made free for a limited time when they launch. This is just for readers who want to help me out and also get some pretty postcards (I may take the titles off and just use the art with a quote from the book or something, so you can frame or hang it).