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Shearwater (Get the full book!)


I really hope you enjoyed Part One of Shearwater – if so please review part one.

The full book is available but exclusive to Amazon right now.

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New cover!

I’ve remade the cover for Shearwater many times, but I’m pretty happy with this version.

Most people still prefer the original cover, which I will continue using for Part One.

But I wanted something dark and moody. I’ve also revised the blurb, and focused less on mermaids, and a little more on one part of the book that I know is particularly strong. Some people may say this looks too much like a thriller/murder mystery, and not enough like a mermaid fantasy romance… but it doesn’t really matter. Plus, I think the first cover would attract young teen mermaid fans, and most mermaid books in that category are pretty different from mine, which is a lot darker. And all that really matters is how well the new cover and blurb are converting new readers. So far, this is working better than what I had before, which is why I changed it.

Here’s the new sales copy…


They found the dead girl on my birthday.

And I’m not entirely sure that her killer isn’t the boy I just tried to kiss.

The longer I spend in Ireland, the deeper my life seems to unravel. Whisperings of a dark secret that caused my mother to flee from her homeland. Run-ins with a pair of undeniably handsome and strangely mysterious guys. A sleep-walking adventure that nearly got me killed. The nearness of the moon and the ocean would be almost romantic, if I wasn’t being hunted for powers I didn’t know I possessed.

Not everything in mythology is just a story.
Not every fairy-tale is harmless.
Magic is very, very real… but so are the monsters from your worst nightmares.

Now I’m being chased by immortals, hunted by wizards, and forced to pick sides in a supernatural war I want no part of.

I might be the only one who can stop it.
But it will mean giving up the one thing my heart can’t bear to lose.

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