Nanowrimo 2016… writing retreat in a castle! (Sponsored by Derek Murphy)


I started planning Nanowrimo 2016 in December of last year. I booked a castle for an entire month in January. I didn’t know who was going to come… but I knew spending Nanowrimo 2016 in a castle with a group of authors was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to be known for.

And it’s really happening.

I gave away a few slots to writers, and invited some USA Today and NYT bestselling authors to join.

Now in just a few weeks, we’ll move into Chateau de Cadres and get busy writing. We’ll also do visit some other castles in the area, do a little archery and horse-back riding, and other medieval things. But mostly, writing. I’m really excited to finish part 2 of Shearwater and hopefully Scarlet Thread this winter – part 1 of both have been downloaded over 50,000 times this year, and readers keep emailing me asking for the rest of the story.

So that’s excited. I can’t wait to finish and get the whole book out!

If you’re doing Nanowrimo 2016, you can follow me here.

The Source of Magic (Excerpt)

EXCERPT: I followed Dorian’s nod, my gaze landing on a slender woman. Her thick, brown hair fell in waves over her pale, round shoulders and tumbled over the bodice of her black, satin dress. Somehow, I’d expected something more...

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