FREE Kindle books until I have 500 reviews. Because SCREW IT.


Recently we were discussing what word to use when you want to say jealous… but with less negative connotations. Envious is a little better but still not good. I want I say something like “the success of my friend fills me with motivation and inspiration!”

I still don’t know the answer but that’s how I feel.

The friend in question has a book that’s doing amazing; over 500 reviews on Amazon. That’s pretty fucking great. But then I noticed the book is free.

I don’t know how long it’s been free.

It’s the first in a series of four books; the others are 2.99, the 2nd book is at about 8000 (Amazon rank) which means it’s selling well. The 2nd book has about 140 reviews so far.

My publishing plan was to start with a KDP free campaign, then 99cents, then possible up to 2.99. But this is my first book, and potentially the first in a series. I’ve already planned 8 totally different series with unique settings, plots and characters. I had planned to put a note in each book saying I’d continue the series when I had 100 reviews.

But I’m inspired to raise the bar. Why get 100 reviews and make a little money when I can keep the book at free until it gets 500 reviews. Free downloads mean MORE readers which will bring in MORE reviews, much faster.

Reviews are a very powerful indicator of future book sales. Getting 500 book reviews (especially) for the first book in a series could generate a ton of income later on. Why LIMIT the number of reviews I can get by charging 99cents, meaning fewer people would find my book?

So for the first time, I’ll probably put out my book for free, everywhere, and get Amazon to price-match. And I’ll leave it at free, to build my platform, drive email sign ups, and get more reviews. When I have 500 I met set it back to 99cents. But maybe not.

By the time any one book has 500 reviews, I’ll have more books published. I’ll keep publishing for free until a “book one” in any series gets there, then I’ll start expanding that series.

Will it work? Probably, yeah.
It may take a year or two to see any profit. But I’m not going for small gains; I want to sell a million books.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Fortune favors the bold.



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