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Free book reviews for YA authors (Shearwater launch)

My first novel (part one) will go live on January 26th and I’ll need some reviews posted the same day. I don’t like to ask for anything unless I’ve given something first – so I’d like to trade reviews with some YA authors (and you’ll get the better deal).

My book will be 99cents, but I’ll buy and review any book up to 2.99, and post a review in the next two weeks. In exchange, you can buy my book on January 26th and post a review. I know you can’t read that quickly, so you can also get an ARC copy here. I’m insecure about my writing: I think it’s clean, and parts of it are pretty good, but it’s my first and it’s difficult to judge. I’d really appreciate feedback from more experienced writers.

Leave a link to your book in the comments, and I’ll buy and review it.

Doesn’t this break Amazon’s rules?

Yes, it does – asking anybody to review your book at all, even your followers, is against the rules now. Amazon only wants reviews from complete and total strangers. But reviews are important, especially during launch, and indie authors need to do what we can to get them. That said, I’m not asking for fake reviews: I appreciate honest, authentic and critical feedback (and I will give you the same). Nor is this really a “review swap” – we aren’t promising each other raving 5 star reviews.

Editorial reviews…

It is fine, however, to swap editorial reviews with other authors in your genre: I’m looking for about 5 great editorial reviews from authors writing YA urban fantasy/paranormal romance to post in my book description. I’m planning a massive launch so the book will get a great deal of visibility. Having a review with your name and “author of X” on my sales page = lots of free promotion for your book.

If that sounds good to you, email me your blurb or review and a link to your book; I won’t choose everybody (if I don’t, I’ll ask you to post it as a regular review on the 26th). But if not on Amazon, I’ll add your review to the launch page on my website with links back to your site, and use it in promotions. Ideally, editorial reviews will hit important sales points and include a few keywords.

The book launch

I’m using a combination of giveaways, a ThunderClap campaign, and a fundraiser to save mermaids for my launch campaign. Even if you don’t have time to review my book, which I totally understand, you should check it out and see if it inspires you to improve your own book launches. The day of launch I’ll be emailing over a thousand book bloggers and reviewers directly.

Check it out here, and support the ThunderClap campaign if you can. I look forward to returning the favor.

Comment with a link to your book and I’ll review it!