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Free book marketing & promotion (email blast) for YA authors during FREE campaign days

Firstly, I hate the term “email blast” – those rarely work.

Twitter blasts are ineffective because the companies that run them get tens of thousands of followers, but very few targeted readers of your actual genre.

Bookbub works much better because it is genre-specific.

They don’t send your book to everyone, they only send it to readers who have signed up to hear about new books in that genre.

Since I’m starting to publish YA fiction (mostly fantasy/paranormal/scifi/dystopian) I wanted to build my own email list. I’ve reached 12,000 in under a month with book giveaways, and I aim to hit 100K by the end of 2016.

If I can reach 100K YA readers by email directly and get them to take action (download a free book, leave a review, etc) that will make me a “heavy-hitter” in the young adult space.

I’d like to use my list to help other YA authors promote their books, but:

  1. Books will have to be free (using KDP free days, for example)
  2. Books must be amazing (well written and well designed).
  3. I’ll be choosy.

I’ll probably have a system set up so authors can apply, or earn credits by reviewing YA books on one of my book review sites. I don’t have the details sorted but I’m writing this now to let you know it’s coming.

You can join the YAAA (Young Adult Authors Alliance) and hear more about this later. Thanks!