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Best YA fantasy authors that I love

Today I had a book promotion that got me to #1 in a few categories, and I adore metaphorically rubbing shoulders with other bestselling authors in my genre – so I wanted to chronicle the moment by listing some of my favorite authors (and people) who write in similar genres. If you like my books, or YA fantasy in genre, make sure you read these!

#1 Sylvia Mercedes

Info coming soon!

#2 Michelle Madow

Info coming soon!

#3 Elisa S. Amore

Info coming soon!

#4 Laura Thalassa

#5 Kelly St Clare

#6 Melissa Haag

#7Alexandra Bracken

#8 Wendy Higgins

#9 Eva Pohler

#10 Raye Wagner

#11 Shannon Mayer

#12 Leia Stone

#13 Jaymin Eve

#14 Jane Washington

PS – why these authors? They all write in YA fantasy, with a mythological feeling or background (stories based on folklore) with rich worlds and deep character building. Most of them I’ve met in person, and their writing inspired me when I was just getting started.

Honorable mentions: K.F. Breene, Laini Taylor, Lucia Ashta, Jen L. Grey, Leigh Bardugo, A.L. Knorr, Alisha Klapheke, Chandelle LaVaun