Another dark fantasy paranormal romance (about a girl with supernatural powers)


This month I started at least five new books; probably because I’m in the editing stages of Shearwater and it’s frustrating. But also because, I keep finding images or art that is so fucking beautiful I have to use it.

This one was something I made for a client a couple years ago, but I revamped it and it’s so pretty… I’m reading “The Wilds” right now, which reminds me a bit of  Tahereh Mafi’s “Shatter Me” – and I was already thinking I wanted to write a book that starts with a girl locked up.

I just wasn’t sure how it would go. But now that I have a cover, I was able to plot out the premise in 5 minutes. And it’s awesome. Somewhere between Lauren Kate‘s “Fallen” – an angel romance – and Shatter Me (but instead of hurting people when she touches them, she forsees their death).

Maybe I’ll write it for Nanowrimo, I need a break from Shearwater.

The Source of Magic (Excerpt)

EXCERPT: I followed Dorian’s nod, my gaze landing on a slender woman. Her thick, brown hair fell in waves over her pale, round shoulders and tumbled over the bodice of her black, satin dress. Somehow, I’d expected something more...

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