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10 signed YA books – Contest Results

YA books giveaway

Our first contest is over! The winner was Fiderly G, aka @readsleepfangirl. She has some beautiful book pictures on her Instagram, you should check them out.

YA books giveaway winner YA books giveaway winner


New contest!

We’re running a follow-up contest right now with another 10 books. Click here to check it out.



Getting more entries doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win, but it does give you more chances; in the future we’ll run some other kinds of giveaways so that everybody has a chance to win, even if you don’t have many followers.



Here are the other people who did really well in the contest (if you don’t want to show up on this list please let me know! Also, I did research from the email but I may have gotten something wrong).


—Total Book Nerd. Instagram.

-Jenneta, author of an upcoming YA dystopia.

Instagram |

—Jaime, @fictionfare

Twitter |

—Lorryn, @bookishparental / millennialbookmom

Twitter | Instagram

—Whitney, @whittynovels

-Korinne, @booklocver221b
—Jilianne, Pinterest Board
—Jenna, @escaping_truth
—RA Marshall