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YA Authors Alliance (750+ authors)

Are you a young adult author looking for visibility?

Join our free alliance: a supportive community of YA authors ready to help you find more readers.

For the past several years, I’ve helped authors design, publish and market their books. Now that I’m writing fiction, I’m using all the marketing hacks I know to build huge platforms that attract YA readers.

I also know that groups of authors working together is a powerful visibility booster; rather than many small blogs with not much content, authors can make genre-specific community hubs, post lots of content, and attract more traffic than they could do individually.

That’s why I set up the YA Authors Alliance: a group of young adult authors who are interested in working together to cross promote, guest post on community sites to get more traffic to their own blogs, and post book reviews of books in their genre to attract the right readers. I’ll also do several big events, campaigns or projects every year that benefit everybody.


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I also set up a Facebook Group you should join.

And there’s even a Google Plus Community: I plan to do regular hangouts or chats, so we can get to know each other.

Spread the word!

AAYAA is a community, not a business.

There are no affiliate earnings or anything to be had by sharing.

But the more authors that join, the more collective reach we have; also, more backlinks to this page create a stronger “hub”.

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