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Hi there! I’m Derek Murphy. I’m a book designer turned YA author with a PhD in Literature. I also founded the Young Adult Authors Alliance, and run lots of book giveaways and joint-promotions to increase visibility.

If you haven’t had the chance to read my books (mostly fantasy / scifi) you can get started with my free starter library. After you sign up, you can grab four free books and see if you like my stories.

More about me

I’ve been designing books and helping authors reach their readers for the past decade… when I started publishing fiction, I took all the advice I’d been giving writers and applied it to my own books. Things are going well. Although I just started publishing fiction in 2016, I’ve gotten over 50,000 downloads and 500+ reviews.

I love writing, and I am trying to produce meaningful, entertaining, fulfilling books that leave you with a book hangover. My fans are my #1 concern, so I’ll listen to feedback, ask your opinions and try to keep you involved in my writing process.

I’ll continue to make each book free for subscribers when I launch; and I’m organizing a “starter library” so you can read my books for free. I don’t believe I deserve to get paid until I’ve proven my value – if you enjoy my free books and want to continue reading the series, you can buy them on Amazon for less than a cup of coffee. If I can’t hook your interest, you don’t owe me anything. All I ask is you give me a chance.

If you want updates, free books, contests and giveaways and more, make sure to sign up to my email list.

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Why I write YA



PS) I don’t think the starter library is all set up right now, so you may have a little trouble finding all the free books – I’ll fix it asap! In the meantime, sign up to my list so you don’t miss out.

Thanks for visiting my site! I’ll keep this post updated with current news and announcements so you can see what I’m working on.