Giveaway for mermaid lovers!

Giveaway for mermaid lovers!


The mermaid giveaway is over!

Thanks everyone for entering, and for helping me with my first book launch – it really meant a lot to me.

The winners are:

  • Taryn Curry
  • Holly Biggs
  • Catherine Lestrange
  • Hazel Bear
  • Emily Madsen
  • Anna Tan
  • Pamela Loperena
  • Camillia Dass
  • Adriana Villanueva


Winners = choose any 1 + 1 mermaid books

I’ve been scouring the interwebz for awesome mermaid merch I think you’ll love. Here are the coolest things I could find. PS) If you find something else you like for around $35 let me know


I found out these bookends are really expensive, so actually I can just send one, rather than a set of two. Also they are usually metal, you’ll need to paint it white if you like that style.

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This giveaway ended, I’ll email the winners asap!


About the book reviews

This is Part One of a full length novel, so I understand you won’t get the “full picture” – but I think you’ll enjoy the book anyway; and if you sign up to my email list, I’ll give you the rest for free when it’s done.

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Also, if you like mermaids, check this out!

best YA mermaid books

How do mermaids have sex?

How do mermaids have sex?

Like many people, been curious about mermaid intercourse since watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Now that I’m writing my first mermaid romance, I had to figure it out with science.

I don’t like paranormal romance books where you can’t understand the physics of love-making, and mermaid sex is a biological challenge.

It’s not like with minotaurs or centaurs, or other shifters, where you assume they have working genitalia between their legs somewhere. Mermen and women are shown with a fish tail up to their waist, leaving little room for spare parts.

The obvious solution is to have them breed with eggs: the female lays them, the man does his thing after. But that’s not very sexy or passionate. So how do merpeople hook up when they like each other?

mermaid sex


The Shellfish Solution

To solve this problem, I just made my merpeople crustaceans. They have an exoskeleton over their lower body, which they molt.

He reached across the table and squeezed my hand. There was another question I was dying to ask, but I was a little afraid of the answer.

I finally worked up the courage and blurted out, “How do you… mate?”

I blushed.

His grin widened, he was enjoying himself.

“We come on land and remove our exoskeletons. Under our shells our organs are… nearly identical to humans. I’m sure you’ve heard the birds and the bees speech. If we want children, the females will stay in caves near shore until the eggs are ready, then go into the ocean and give birth. Young merrow are defenseless for the first few years, and need to be guarded and watched by the mother and father. After a few months, they’ll grow their first exo, but then they’ll need a new one every year for about twenty years. After that, they will stay virtually unchanged for decades.”

That solves the mating issue, and also gives them some uniquely awesome powers and abilities.

“In the ocean, with our exos on, we’re nearly invincible,” he smiled. “Hardly anything can puncture our shell, even our fists are protected by almost a centimeter of cartilage. We use them to break shells of other crustaceans, or fight off large ocean predators. Have you ever heard of the Mantis shrimp?”

I shook my head.

“We keep them as pets, they’re beautiful. Its punch is as strong as a gunshot; it’s so powerful and fast it boils the water around it. And their skin is so resilient, the military has been studying their cell structure to make advanced body armor.”

“So what you’re saying, basically, is that you’re a giant shrimp?” I couldn’t help teasing him. He smiled back at me.

“A very charming, handsome shrimp,” he replied.

Fun, right?

Would you sleep with a mermaid?

If you did, what would you be worried about?

PS) If you want to read my novel, Shearwater, you can get it on Amazon.


Where are all the great YA mermaid romance books?

Where are all the great YA mermaid romance books?

I’m working on a YA book about mermaids. And so, in due diligence, I’m also buying and reading a whole bunch of them. But they suck. Even the mainstream, bestselling ones by famous authors that have hundreds of reviews. The problems, mostly, are these:

1. Recycling the same scenes and plot points.

2. Flat, unbelievable characters.

3. Stubborn protagonist who gets pissed off and wants to fight all the time.

4. Absolutely no attempt to make mermaid-life biologically plausible.

5. Not much really happens (no big stakes).

6. Most of the big stuff is revealed in the first chapter or two: here are some mermaids, protagonist learns she’s a mermaid, then learns how to be a mermaid (while falling for the sexy main love interest).

7. No love triangles: I know, they’re overdone – but in real life girls usually have several guys that they like and they have to make hard choices. You see them in lots of YA books. But in the mermaid romance books, it’s usually more of a “girl is kidnapped into a mermaid fairytale full of coolness and intrigue, surrounded by sexy mermaid people – who have lots of money – living in an awesome beach house.” It’s basically a lot of wish fulfillment and fantasy, with a gloss of romance and maybe a tiny bit of danger (but usually not serious, life threatening, world-ending danger).

In short, these mermaid books just feel light and friendly. Even silly. Lots of humor and gentle ribbing and witty comebacks. Which gives me some hope for my book, which feels more epic to me: the tension and drama builds slowly. There is intrigue. There are lots of complex bad guys and real character motivation. There is some credibility to the way I’ve organized mermaid biology.

I know, however, that writing a book for a specific genre and type of reader, when you don’t like the other books in that genre, is presumptuous. If readers really love those other books, they may not like mine at all. Maybe readers who buy mermaid books at all are less demanding. Maybe they don’t want a deeper, darker, more tragic, more epic mermaid romance.

And, I didn’t mean that the other mermaid romance books “suck” – that’s too strong. They may be brilliantly written for their target audience. Mine actually has a lot of accidental similarities (which is inevitable when you’re creating a YA mermaid romance book) but after reading them I’ll change mine so there isn’t anything too similar.

And unlike other genres, there really isn’t an oversaturation of mermaid romance books. So I’m excited to put mine out there and see how people like it.

What do you think? Read any great mermaid romance books lately? Maybe I’m just missing the good ones?

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