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Diverse character art for fantasy novels (character description cheatsheet)

Recently I’ve started playing with midjourney to make character art, so I thought I’d share them. These are what some of my characters look in, in fantasy series ranging from fae, vampires, fallen angels and greek mythology.

AI art doesn’t quite get the faces, hands or weapons right – if I wanted to use these for real, I’d need to photoshop several together, which is why I have so many nearly duplicates of different characters, so I can blend layers and pieces together in one composite.

These images are made from descriptions of my fantasy characters; you can’t use them commercially for your own work (please don’t steal) but you can look at them for inspiration; to help describing your own characters. I also hope you’ll share them on Pinterest or wherever, especially because I’d like there to be more dark skinned, ethnic or black/POC fantasy character art out there as a reference point (one of the great thing about AI image generators may be that more diverse fantasy concept art gets made, for example like these black mermaid illustrations).

If you like these characters and want to get to know them better, I hope you’ll check out my books!