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I really hope you enjoyed Part One of Shearwater – if so please review part one.

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New cover!

I’ve remade the cover for Shearwater many times, but I’m pretty happy with this version.

Most people still prefer the original cover, which I will continue using for Part One.

But I wanted something dark and moody. I’ve also revised the blurb, and focused less on mermaids, and a little more on one part of the book that I know is particularly strong. Some people may say this looks too much like a thriller/murder mystery, and not enough like a mermaid fantasy romance… but it doesn’t really matter. Plus, I think the first cover would attract young teen mermaid fans, and most mermaid books in that category are pretty different from mine, which is a lot darker. And all that really matters is how well the new cover and blurb are converting new readers. So far, this is working better than what I had before, which is why I changed it.

Here’s the new sales copy…


They found the dead girl on my birthday.

And I’m not entirely sure that her killer isn’t the boy I just tried to kiss.

The longer I spend in Ireland, the deeper my life seems to unravel. Whisperings of a dark secret that caused my mother to flee from her homeland. Run-ins with a pair of undeniably handsome and strangely mysterious guys. A sleep-walking adventure that nearly got me killed. The nearness of the moon and the ocean would be almost romantic, if I wasn’t being hunted for powers I didn’t know I possessed.

Not everything in mythology is just a story.
Not every fairy-tale is harmless.
Magic is very, very real… but so are the monsters from your worst nightmares.

Now I’m being chased by immortals, hunted by wizards, and forced to pick sides in a supernatural war I want no part of.

I might be the only one who can stop it.
But it will mean giving up the one thing my heart can’t bear to lose.

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Preorders for Postcards!

After months and months of hard work, I’m finally putting out some new fiction.

If you’ve read and liked my books, I hope you’re excited.

As promised, if you’re on my email list there will be opportunities to get upcoming books for free. But if you want to support me by preordering the books I just put up on Amazon, I’ll thank you by sending you a postcard of the cover art, which I hope you’ll agree is fabulous. (At the bottom of this page is a form to send me your address after you’ve preordered a book).

Shearwater FULL

I’ve decided to leave Shearwater Part One with the original cover, but publish the full book with a new cover. I’m not publishing part two independently, because in this case you really need to the whole book. It’s one, big, epic story and the book should be about 500 pages. I put it up on preorder for 99cents, but I’ll change it to 2.99 in a few days.

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The Scarlet Thread

I adore this new cover for The Scarlet Thread – part one previously ended on a major cliffhanger, I’m adding 3 new chapters to his book and calling it “Book One”. It ends in a good place, and I know exactly where the story is headed in “Book Two” – The Golden Shears.

However, the three new chapters aren’t in this version yet!

I’m going to email them to you once they’re edited in a few weeks. I’ll probably also add them into the beginning of the next book, just so they don’t get missed.

I know most of you already got Scarlet Thread earlier, so you may not be able to buy / download it again to get the postcard. But if you haven’t reviewed it yet, you can post a review and I’ll send a postcard to thank you.

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The Golden Shears

I can’t believe I have a series! Even though I haven’t written this book yet, I have it all mapped out, and I’ve given myself enough time to get it done this winter. If you loved Scarlet Thread and you can’t wait to read more, you can preorder now so you don’t forget. (This is the second book, there will be three in all).

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How to get the postcards

I’ve tried mailing out cooler swag, like mermaid pendants and things, but since we travel nearly full time a lot of the packages I’ve sent got lost in the mail. So I’m going to start using an online postcard-sending service.

If you order/preorder any of these three books, just fill out the form below with the order number. Right after you checkout there should be a button to see the details of the transaction and there should be an order number at the top. Make sure to mention which book you ordered too, so I send the right postcard.

Or, if you reviewed Scarlet Thread (or even Shearwater part one), send a link to your review in the form. You can order all three if you want to get all the postcards!

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    PS) This is a test, but I think it’ll work, so I’ll be doing more things with cover art and postcards in the future. Again, please know you don’t have to buy these, they will be made free for a limited time when they launch. This is just for readers who want to help me out and also get some pretty postcards (I may take the titles off and just use the art with a quote from the book or something, so you can frame or hang it).

    Cover reveal! Shearwater got a makeover!

    Even though almost everyone loves the original cover for Shearwater, I never felt it was professional enough – some of the photoshopping isn’t well done because of the images I used, and I wanted something better. Mermaid books SHOULD be mostly blue, often with a girl underwater – but I couldn’t find any stock photos I liked enough. And even though it’s a dark fantasy romance, it’s also an epic fantasy, and a LONG one (the full book is 140,000+ words!) so I wanted something more powerful.

    This is what I came up with.


    Usually when I post cover remakes, everyone tells me they prefer the original, but I think this will work well. I’ll keep the original cover for Part One, which will continue to be free, and use this for the Full Book (Parts One and Two) which will be $3.99.

    If you’re already on my email list, I will email you when you can get part two for free (as promised). So you don’t need to pay for this book – though I hope you’re review it when it’s ready.

    However, I will be focusing much more on sales for this one. The more I make with these books, the more time I can spend writing. So if you’d like to support me by preordering, you can do that here.

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    As an added bonus, if you preorder, I’ll send you these two postcards: one of the cover art, and one of a quote that will be in the front of the book.


    Someone is trying to kill me.
    When my parents died in an accident, they left me like a piece of furniture to a grandfather I never knew existed. In Ireland. As if moving halfway around the world wasn’t bad enough, I soon learned my mother had left behind some unresolved drama – dark secrets that were screaming to be uncovered. And then there are the things I can’t explain. Strange things keep happening around me. Happening to me. Is it because of Sebastian, the golden-haired stranger who showed up in town at the same time as I did? Or Ethan, the kid locals whisper plays with dark magic?

    Maybe both. Maybe neither. But someone is definitely out to get me, and I need to figure out why, and fast… because I’m discovering powers of my own. Powers that I can’t contain. And no matter what I do or who is to blame, if I don’t discover the real reason my mother fled Ireland, more people are going to die.

    And they’re going to kill us all.

    “It’s like The Little Mermaid for adults. I couldn’t stop reading.” ★★★★★

    “Not just another Twilight—even though we do have sparkly mermaids instead of sparkly vampires. But the story itself is well told and the characters act and respond like real people instead of cardboard cutouts. The mystic premise of the mer-people is even almost believable in the context of the Irish coastal culture, and the interactions between the characters are more encompassing than just the make-believe of the story. Although it’s written for young adults, as a mainstream adult I found the story entertaining and readable, and even subscribed to the author’s site to get the next installment as well as his other books.” ★★★★★

    “The author’s writing and editing is impeccable, and his research is substantial. I feel like I’m at the exotic locales described. His backstory and science behind the mermaid phenomenon is solidly explained and more than adequate to suspend my disbelief. The author also presents a lot of this backstory as not an info-dump, so kudos for that.” ★★★★★

    “Part One” of this book was made available last year.
    This is the first FULL book of the Ocean Depths Series; it includes parts One and Two and is almost 140,000 words long.

    Shearwater is a young adult mermaid novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witches, Irish mythology, supernatural folklore and, of course, mermaids.

    Shearwater and Scarlet Thread updates!

    Shearwater and Scarlet Thread are my most popular books – I’m working on Part 2 of Shearwater now (in Ireland!) and thought I’d post some updates. Firstly, this book is kicking my ass. I’ve only gotten 10 chapters passed the end of Part One and have 20 to go. Here’s a sneak preview…



    I’ve never been satisfied with the cover, so I tried to make a new one… but when I posted it on Facebook almost everyone preferred the original. I’ll try some more and ask for feedback once I have some final options.



    This is our (amazing) apartment in Portrush. So much space, great for writing.







    This is our neighborhood:

    14358911_10157555443390790_2061014871761640603_n 14449942_10157555443515790_7815891936277276879_n 14446162_10157555443465790_310254675683864401_n


    I had hoped to finish Shearwater but the end of September, but it’s not going as quickly as I’d hoped. I wanted to have it out by Halloween but that’s looking unlikely, so probably in November…

    In November we’ll be living in a castle in France, and I plan to finish Scarlet Thread (by far the most popular). I’d like to get a new cover for it as well. If I have time this year I’ll finish Orpheum and Prescient.

    Since my first books are free, I’m not earning any money from my writing yet and still need to work, which means, less writing time. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have four full books out earning some money, so I can focus on writing and get more stories out to you (I have so many stories!)