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38+ best vampire books (paired with brooding vampire dark fantasy portrait illustrations)

I’m putting the final touches on my vampire series and have been making pretty amazing vampire portraits for the 100 vamps in my fantasy kingdom. But I thought it would be a good time also to share an (updated) list of the best vampire books I’ve ever read, and those I’d like to read soon. (Scroll down past the images to see my book recommendations).

Best vampire books (YA and Adult fantasy)

This is a rough list right now, confirmed from favorites on Reddit, but I’ll come back and add links and details soon! This are mostly gothic fantasy but some are modern or vampire adjacent.

  1. Crave, tracy wolff,
  2. Interview with a Vampire – anne rice
  3. vampire academy richelle mead
  4. house of vampires – samantha snow
  5. empire of vampire – jay kristoff
  6. vampire wish – michelle madow
  7. shadow in the ember – jennifer armentrout
  8. duel with vampire lord – married to magic.
  9. Vampire diaries – L.J. Smith
  10. Vampire gift – E.M. Knight
  11. Twilight, midnight sun, stephanie meyer
  12. Royals, vampire court, Megan Montero (Author)
  13. It Lucas – children of the gods.
  14. Natural witch – KF breene
  15. House of Night
  16. The Night World – L.J. Smith
  17. The Silver Kiss – Annette Curtis Klause
  18. The Last Vampire – Christopher Pike
  19. Vgames
  20. Vampish
  21. Elisa – Vampire King
  22. Michelle Madow –
  23. First Kill
  24. Coldest Girl in Coldtown
  25. The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh
  26. Youngbloods, Coldest Touch, Lost Girls
  27. Anita Blake – Laurell K. Hamilton
  28. Hollows series by Kim Harrison
  29. Sunshine by Robin McKinley
  30.  The Immortal Rules 
  31. The Sookie Stackhouse series
  32. marked
  33. evermore
  34. the chronicles of Vladimir tod
  35.  certain dark things by Silvia moreno Garcia
  36. a dowry of blood by ST gibson
  37. Afterlife of party

I’ll add more soon, as well as more details, covers and book links.

Taste of Vampire (completed fantasy series)

It took 3 years to finish but I’m pretty happy with the final book in the series and can’t wait to share it. I’m still playing around with new cover art and some bonus chapters, but you can start reading the first book right away, or listen to the audiobooks! The first book has nearly 300 reviews but I’ll focus on the boxset when it’s ready, make sure to sign up for the free books and get access to my VIP/beta readers group.

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