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Glad you could drop by! Here are links to the books I have out (for free) right now, I’ll be building this page into a starter library. These are actually the first half of the first novel in unique series – I wrote them as I was finishing my PhD in Literature and wanted to get something out there to make sure readers liked them before continuing. Right now The Scarlet Thread is burning up the list – it’s almost in the top 100 on Kindle – but Shearwater tends to earn more glowing reviews (it’s deeper, moodier, and longer…).

I plan to finish both this year, and I’m actually going to travel to the sites in my books this fall (Ireland, Bulgaria, Delphi…) to see all the locations I mention and get a clearer picture.

PS) I’m editing three new chapters that will be added to Scarlet Thread – I’ll post them here when they’re ready.




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Get Part One on Amazon | Ibooks |





Get Part One on Amazon | Ibooks |




prescient YA teen time travel dystopia

Get Part One on Amazon | Ibooks |




Coming soon~! There’s a teaser in the back of Prescient.


I’m really excited about Selfie, I think it’s my best… it’s darker, but not in a Gothic/fantasy way, just a “real life sucks and then the world ends” kind of way. I might finish part one up quickly before finishing Shearwater (which is all mapped out) and Scarlet Thread.

I’ll let you know as new stuff becomes available, but I don’t email often, so you might want to join the UrbanEpics Facebook page (I post a lot more book giveaways there). You can also follow on me Amazon (they’ll let you know if a new book is out, and I have a suspicion it boosts my book rankings too…)

More about me

My name is Derek Murphy. I just got my PhD in Literature about Paradise Lost, and I’ve been living abroad for about 20 years. I work online, most doing editing, book design or helping other authors publish and market their books, which means I can work from anywhere.

Once I’m done with school, I’ll become nomadic and live pretty much exclusively in castles. I plan to become a full-time writer in about a year, which means I’ll be able to write and publish MUCH faster (so you won’t need to wait so long) and I have so many ideas I’m excited about. And I’ll give the first book of every series away free to my fans, so if you like my writing and you want more of it, please help me out by spreading the word!

I also organize events and things with other YA authors, this November I’m renting a castle for Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) and splitting it with some amazing people, so stay tuned if you want to follow the adventure!


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